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Our members

USE is first of all 4 founding organizations. Alongside them, they are joined by other associations, event organizers, commercial brands and of course sportswear lovers who whish.


The idea of a European federation was born from the convergences that appeared between 4 structures based in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in Switzerland and in France.

United Sportswear Europe & Gear Federation - Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend

Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend

Created on the initiative of a few Dutch establishments in 2018, Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend organizes a large gathering around sportswear every year at Pentecost by uniting the structures that wish to support the community. It organizes the election of Mr Sportswear Netherlands and that of Mr Sportswear Europe.


#BEsneax is the Belgian LGBTQIA+ association for sneakers and sportswear lovers founded in 2018. It organizes the Belgian Sneakers Days with the election of Mr Sneakers Belgium every year, but also regular social meetings to allow the community to come together.

United Sportswear Europe & Gear Federation - #BEsneax
United Sportswear Europe & Gear Federation - Club Swiss Gay Fetish

Club Swiss Gay Fetish

Club Swiss Gay Fetish was founded in 2020 to allow fetish guys to meet during themed evenings, some of which are dedicated to sportswear. Its events are mainly based on the social aspect, with respect for everyone. The club works on an associative basis.


Kiff&Gear is an association created in 2020 by kiffeurs and aiming to bring conviviality to our beautiful and large sneakers and sportswear community. It organizes various types of events mainly for gay and bisexual men, in Paris and in the different French regions.

The association was unfortunately dissolved in February 2023 but it will forever remain one of the actors at the origin of USE. USE will be attentive to the possible creation of a new association in France.

United Sportswear Europe & Gear Federation - Kiff&Gear


Associations, bars, organizers, commercial brands…

Any association active in the sportswear community in Europe can join the federation. The same is true for bars, clubs, event organizers, shops or clothing brands that feel committed to this community.

United Sportswear Europe & Gear Federation - The Web Amsterdam

The Web

Since 1986 it ‘s a home for everyone with a fetish. In The Web you are welcome as you are.
In leather, rubber, latex, lycra and of course sportswear !
Man, woman, non-binary or transgender: come along, meet people like you and make friends for life.

Sox Guys

They like sexy boys in kinky outfits with socks, sneakers and sportswear. Because more and more of you have asked for unworn socks, they also offer socks from all the well-known fetish brands. They are not a big profit-oriented company that wants to get rich off the gays. Socks and sneakers trigger us themselves.
United Sportswear Europe & Gear Federation - Sox Guys
United Sportswear Europe & Gear Federation - Cuckoo's Nest Amsterdam

The Cuckoo's Nest

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Sportswear lovers

Finally, what would a federation be without its base, its community? Everyone can affiliate on an individual and personal basis to support the structure that best represents them at European level. Thank you to those of you who have already joined us!