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Here is the presentation of the 3 candidates for the title of Mr Sportswear Europe 2024. The competition will take place on Saturday 22 June during an open air party in Brussels.

Points will be awarded jointly by a jury of personalities and the public present on site.

Stay tuned by following our Facebook event where we publish the latest news regarding the competition.

Candidate 1


Mr Sportswear Europe 2024 - Candidate 1 George

I’m George, coming from Berlin in Germany. I really like shiny sportswear like in my photo, Nickelson jackets and bdsm. When I was 13-14 years old, I worked all summer as a helper (I cleared tables in a restaurant, glasses ) and I saw not only a handsome boy, but also a man of about 25 years old with a sexy and shiny t-shirt, with whom I’m still in a relationship at this moment. I would like to find a handsome guy who likes shiny and BDSM.

More details soon…

Candidate 2


Mr Sportswear Europe 2024 - Candidate 2 David

I’m David, coming from Dunkerque in France. I’m a sniffer and rollerblading enthusiast. I was a candidate for the election of Mr Sneakers Belgium 2024. I would like to take part in this election to promote our community at various LGBTQIA+ community events and represent the French sportswear community at European level.

More details soon…

Candidate 3


Mr Sportswear Europe 2024 - Candidate 3 Samir

I’m Samir, coming from Brussels in Belgium. 35 years old, working as a nurse, 178 cm for 85 kg, single. It will be my first time competing, so excited! I hope been chosen. I did my coming out 2 years ago so it will be my first public event, so proud of my community.

More details soon…



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